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17. My name is Emily. Height; 5'6

HW; 117 LW; 93 CW; too fat. GW1; 110 GW2; 100 GW3; 95 UGW; 90

I don't promote eating disorders, I just battle with one and this I my safe place.


 ”are you seriously wearing no makeup?” “thats why you look tired” “you let yourself go” “your hair looked prettier before you cut it” “your boobs and butt arent big enough” “wow your thighs” “are those scars” “you’d be prettier if-“ 








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"I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect."
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Making goal weights is bittersweet because you’re happy you made it but you realize you still have so much more to go and you see how huge you still are

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*tries to talk*

*gets ignored*

“you should talk more!”

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i don’t care about being healthy anymore

i don’t care about the effects

i just have to be thin

or i won’t feel worth anything

i feel like shit 

sitting by my friends who are thinner

my thighs feel huge 

and my stomach too fat

uncomfortable in so much skin

so here’s to giving up

and here’s to giving in

to the voices that plague my head

don’t eat don’t eat 

you need to be tiny

you have to be thin.

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"I think the concept of virginity was created by men who thought their penises were so important it changes who a woman is."
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the size of my thighs makes me so sad

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"The best relationships are the ones you don’t expect to be in, the ones you never saw coming."
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